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Conroe DWI Attorney

DWI Defense Lawyer Serving Conroe, Texas Since 1998

An experienced attorney, Doug Atkinson recognizes the harsh penalties and devastating effects associated with DWI. He fights aggressively to protect his clients and their legal rights. Since 1998, he has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with DWI, including those with high breath or blood alcohol test results, and he may be able to do the same for you.

Attorney Doug Atkinson uses his experience in this particular field to defend his clients throughout every step of the legal process. He will do everything possible to have your case dismissed or charges reduced, or to secure an acquittal on your behalf. As part of his Conroe DWI defense services, he also works to protect his clients' driving privileges and can help those who have already been convicted and wish to expunge a DWI conviction from their criminal records.

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By investigating the facts surrounding your DWI arrest, Doug Atkinson will look for mistakes made by the government and police to develop a strategy to challenge your charges. Law enforcement officers in Conroe and throughout the state may make illegal stops, detentions or arrests without probable cause. Attorney Atkinson will work to have these types of cases thrown out of court, which may save you from a DWI conviction and trial in the first place. If your case does go to bench or jury trial, he will use strong legal arguments to question the credibility of field sobriety tests, incriminating statements, results of handheld portable breath test devices, and breath, blood, or urine alcohol tests. He has used these techniques to successfully defend hundreds of clients charged with DWI in Conroe and in the surrounding areas.

Arrested for drunk driving? Make sure your rights are protected!

Due to the sometimes overzealous efforts of police officers and prosecutors, innocent people are sometimes arrested and caught up in the legal system. Some are denied their basic rights. You must hire an aggressive and qualified attorney to represent you or the government will do everything it can to convict you and take away your rights, privileges, money and freedom. You need a DWI defense lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the legal system as well as the specific issues that affect driving while intoxicated cases in particular.

Mr. Atkinson has received extensive, specialized training in defending DWI cases and will combine that training with his experience to seek the best possible result for your case. If you are ready to involve an attorney who knows how to deal with the many issues relevant only to DWI cases and who is familiar with the judges, law enforcement and prosecutors in the Conroe area, you have come to the right place. Do not hesitate to contact the firm at your earliest convenience to discuss your options, concerns and legal rights.

The firm defends clients charged with DWI in Texas, including the following counties:

Conroe DWI Arrests & Driver's License Suspension

If you are arrested for DWI or an alcohol related offense that your driver's license will be at risk of being suspended. You must request a hearing to defend your license within fifteen (15) days of receiving the notice of suspension from the arresting officer. If you do not request an ALR hearing within the 15-day time period, your driver's license will automatically be suspended.

Our firm is located at:
322 Metcalf Street
Conroe, TX 77301
Phone: (936) 760-0303

If you've been arrested and are seeking legal counsel to challenge your drunk driving charges and the suspension of your license, contact a Conroe DWI lawyer today.

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