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DWI Defense for Drivers in Washington County, Texas

In Texas, the penalties for DWI are extremely harsh. Even a first time offender may face mandatory imprisonment as well as driver’s license suspension, fines, community service and probation. Fortunately, Washington County DWI attorney Douglas W. Atkinson is here to help. At our firm, we believe in aggressively representing our clients’ interests to the best of our ability. Attorney Atkinson has been representing people just like you in Washington County, Texas who are facing serious drunk driving charges. In addition to representing clients throughout the criminal court process, Washington County DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson represents his clients at their ALR hearings.

With an experienced and dedicated attorney such as Doug Atkinson at your side, your driving privileges and your freedom will be protected. Of course, no ethical attorney would guarantee success, but we can guarantee that we will look out for your rights and interests by providing you with the best possibleDWI defense through every step of your case. Even if your case seems helpless, even if you took a breath test and failed, there are still important avenues of defense that your Washington County DWI attorney can explore.

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To learn more about your particular drunk driving charges, as well as what a defense lawyer can do to help you, please contact Washington County DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson for a free case evaluation. His experience and his commitment will go a long way in helping.

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