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Just because you are arrested and charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated), this does not mean you are guilty. You have the right to seek legal counsel in order to avoid a conviction, driver’s license suspension and serious criminal penalties. San Jacinto County DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson can meet with you to discuss your particular charges during a free case evaluation.

Since 1998, San Jacinto County DWI attorney Douglas W. Atkinson has been representing all types of clients in a variety of DWI-related cases throughout Texas. With his extensive legal experience and understanding of Texas drunk driving laws, attorney Atkinson has what it takes to accurately evaluate your case and determine what our firm can do to help you. We can look over every single aspect of your case and uncover evidence that indicates a constitutional rights violation or perhaps unlawfully or improperly obtained breath or blood evidence.

Using the legal system in your favor as we assert your rights and protect your interests, our firm can work to help you reach the best outcome possible for your case. At the very minimum, our objective would be to minimize any potential penalties you may face. But we always fight to the end to help you avoid a conviction altogether. San Jacinto County DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson knows just how important it is to keep your criminal record clean. Your future employment opportunities may be affected, as well as your reputation in general – even for DWI.

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