Polk County DWI Attorney

Defense Lawyer for DWI Charges in Polk County, Texas

You do not have to face your Polk County DWI charges alone. You can seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney and have the guidance and representation you need during criminal court proceedings and at your ALR hearing to challenge your criminal charges and the suspension of your driver’s license.

Polk County DWI lawyer Douglas W. Atkinson is happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your arrest and your charges. He can look over all the circumstances of your case and help you better understand your legal rights and what options you have in contesting these serious allegations. Even if your case seems helpless, there are still numerous avenues that attorney Atkinson can explore in regard to your DWI defense.

For example, you may have been the victim of an unlawful police stop. The breath test device used to measure your blood alcohol concentration may not have been calibrated to state standards. The officer’s judgment of your performance on field sobriety tests may have been incorrect. Regardless of the particular circumstances of your case, an experienced Polk County DWI attorney can fight to defend your rights and protect your interests through every aspect of your case.

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Do what you can to avoid driver’s license suspension, fines, imprisonment, community service, probation and a number of other serious consequences that may come with a DWI conviction in Texas. Consult Polk County DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson as soon as possible to see what options you have and what can be done to help.

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