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As an experienced Freestone County DWI attorney, Doug Atkinson recognizes the importance of aggressive, immediate representation in the face of criminal charges involving drunk driving or a related offense. Your driving privileges, your freedom and your future may all be on the line, and your attorney will be your only chance of avoiding a conviction and therefore serious penalties. In addition to criminal consequences of DWI, you may also risk losing your job and may have difficulty finding employment in the future.

By evaluating your particular charges and conducting a thorough investigation into your case, Freestone DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson can determine exactly what legal strategy to apply to your defense. It may be to challenge the initial police stop, question the accuracy of your breath test, contest field sobriety tests, or any combination of these. There are many ways that a skilled DWI defense lawyer can fight to protect your rights and help you avoid a conviction. It is a matter of knowing how to utilize the legal system in your favor, of proving your factual innocence and uncovering mistakes or rights violations by law enforcement.

Due to the aggressive nature of prosecutors and law enforcement in making arrested and filing charges for drunk driving-related cases, it is important that you act quickly in consulting a legal professional. You will need representation during criminal proceedings, and it is extremely helpful to have a lawyer at your side at your ALR hearing (concerning the suspension of your driver’s license) as well. With the right Freestone County DWI attorney at your side you have the chance to keep your license and avoid maximum criminal penalties.

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