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Have you or someone you know been arrested for DWI in Brazos County, Texas, it is important that you discuss your options with an experienced attorney. A Brazos County DWI lawyer can evaluate your particular charges to determine how to best represent your interests.

After a DWI arrest, your driver’s license is at risk. You may also face imprisonment in county jail or state prison, depending upon the particular circumstances of your charges. Add fines, probation and community service, and you have a situation where you are facing a number of grave consequences if you are convicted. A Brazos County DWI attorney is a must if you are to have any opportunity of avoiding maximum penalties.

Doug Atkinson is a highly experienced DWI defense lawyer representing clients throughout Brazos County, Texas in the face of DWI charges as well as related alcohol offenses. Since 1998, attorney Atkinson has fought aggressively to defend his clients’ rights through every step of the DWI process, including in criminal court and at their ALR hearings. Brazos County DWI attorney Doug Atkinson knows how serious your charges are, and what’s at stake. He will use his legal knowledge and experience in order to build a tailor-made and more effective defense strategy on your behalf.

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You may have been the victim of an unlawful police stop. Perhaps the breath test device that was used to test your blood alcohol concentration was improperly calibrated. There are numerous defenses that can be used by your Brazos County DWI lawyer in order to help you contest your drunk driving charges.

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