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From offices in Conroe, Texas, DWI defense lawyer Doug Atkinson provides experienced criminal defense counsel to drivers throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding areas who are facing drunk driving charges of any kind. These cases require a certain level of knowledge and experience, and Attorney Atkinson has the necessary training and background to understand how to approach DWI charges in an aggressive yet strategic manner in order to seek the best possible outcome for every client he represents.

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Challenging DWI Charges

There is no set formula to successfully challenge DWI charges. Every case is different, and your attorney must carefully investigate the evidence at hand to determine how to approach your case. At times, it may come down to a small detail, such as a breath test device that was not properly calibrated, to effectively secure a dismissal or acquittal on a client's behalf. The only solution is to thoroughly review the initial police stop, arrest, field sobriety tests and blood or breath tests from every angle to determine if a mistake was made or the defendant's rights were violated in any way.

Whether you were arrested in Conroe or in any of the surrounding areas in Texas, you can count on the level of experience and considerable knowledge that Mr. Atkinson has to bring to the table. Whether it is at your ALR hearing or in criminal court, he will use all of the tools at his disposal to protect your freedom, driving privileges and future.

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