Occupational Driver's License

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When a driver is arrested for DWI in Conroe and fails or refuses a breath or blood test, his or her license will be in danger of suspension. If the driver does not schedule an ALR hearing to challenge the suspension or is convicted of DWI, the driver will lose his or her license. Fortunately, a driver may be able to apply for an occupational driver's license, which will allow him or her to drive for limited purposes only.

With extensive experience as a Conroe DWI attorney, Doug Atkinson can offer you the legal guidance you need not only to challenge your drunk driving charges but to apply for an occupational license if needed.

Texas Occupational License Rules

An occupational license is a special restricted license issued to drivers whose licenses have been suspended for alcohol-related offenses. An occupational license allows the person to drive for their occupation, for educational purposes, or in the performance of essential household duties. It does not allow for operation of commercial vehicles.

How Do I Obtain an Occupational License?

A request for an occupational license must be filed in the designated county or district court in the county where the driver resides or in the county where the alcohol related offense occurred. A hearing will then be held in front of the Judge who will determine whether or not to grant an occupational license.

If the Judge grants the occupational license he or she will sign a court order which must be certified and then be submitted to DPS along with a certified copy of the petition. You must also obtain and submit an original certificate of proof of SR-22 insurance. Once DPS receives theses documents and the occupational license fee, they will issue the occupational license. Other reinstatement fees also will be required.

Does an Occupational License Allow You to Drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle?

You cannot receive an occupational license to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

Apply for a Restricted License: Hire a Conroe DWI Attorney

Attorney Doug Atkinson has helped hundreds of clients throughout Conroe and surrounding areas get occupational licenses. He is familiar with the rules and regulations and can streamline the process for you so that you can get back your license to drive. If you need help obtaining an occupation driver’s license, call the firm at (936)-417-1115.

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