DWI Lawyer in Conroe, TX

Understanding DWI Charges

Are you facing DWI charges in the Conroe area of Texas? It is important to get helpful information about these matters so you can make the right choices moving forward. This website contains information about various topics related to drunk driving, and you are welcome to review the information here online or to call and schedule a consultation with Conroe DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson, who will be able to address your particular questions and concerns.

DWI Charges
DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. It is the crime of driving a motor vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.) while with an unlawful blood alcohol concentration or while one's abilities are impaired by alcohol and/or a controlled substance. A defendant may face serious penalties if convicted of DWI, including fines, imprisonment, driver's license suspension and others.

ALR Hearings
An Administrative License Revocation hearing, or ALR hearing, is held by the Department of Public Safety in order to determine whether one's driving privileges will be suspended as the result of a DWI arrest. You only have 15 days from the date of your arrest to schedule a hearing, so it is important to move quickly.

Breath/Blood Tests
The outcome of a breath test or blood test is likely to be one of the main issues in a Conroe DWI case. These tests are used to determine a driver's blood alcohol concentration. If it is found to be .08% or greater, the driver may be charged with DWI.

DWI Defenses
Although your options may seem limited in the face of a failed breath or blood test, there are actually various viable defense strategies that may be used to help you challenge your charges. With extensive experience and training in this field, a competent DUI attorney in Montgomery County can determine the approach that will be best for your case.

You can also learn about occupational driver's licenses, DUI and minors and field sobriety tests.

Contact a Conroe DWI Defense Attorney

Do not delay in contacting a legal professional regarding your drunk driving charges. Not only do you have a limited time to schedule your ALR hearing, but the earlier you involve a DUI lawyer in Montgomery County, the more of an impact he should be able to have on the outcome of your case. Considering what is on the line, you should get the best defense counsel possible.

Contact Conroe DWI attorney Doug Atkinson today to discuss your case and how he can assist you in fighting your charges.