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Case Results

DWI & Driving While License Invalid - Dismissed

Client admitted to drinking at two different locations and exhibited several clues of intoxication on SFSTs. Client was arrested for misdemeanor 1st DWI and Driving While License Invalid. BOTH OFFENSES WERE DISMISSED.

DWI Dismissed

Client was initially pulled over for a taillight out. Upon the officer's initial encounter with my Client, the officer believed he presented with signs of intoxications and was arrested for misdemeanor 1st DWI with a Blood Alcohol Content allegedly at .158. CASE WAS DISMISSED.

DWI - Dismissed

My Client was pulled over for speeding and arrested for misdemeanor DWI. DWI WAS DISMISSED and my client pled guilty to Reckless Driving with one year deferred. I filed a motion for early termination of the deferred period which was granted by the Court, releasing my Client nine (9) months early. A Non-Disclosure has been granted sealing the Reckless Driving offense.

DWI with Open Container - Case Dismissed

A 911 call was made claiming my Client, a career military veteran, was observed swerving lane to lane on the highway, nearly striking several vehicles. Client was pulled over by police with several open containers of alcoholic beverages in plain view within the vehicle. Police claimed Client was consuming alcohol and taking anti-anxiety and muscle relaxer medication. Police claim that Client performed poorly on all field sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI with Open Container. The case was DISMISSED and the Client's career restored.

Racing on Highway - Charge Dismissed

Client was arrested for misdemeanor Racing on Highway. The charge was DISMISSED and refiled as misdemeanor class "C" speeding violation.

Family Violence - Case Dismissed

My Client and his spouse allegedly were involved in an altercation wherein my Client was accused of hitting his spouse in the mouth with a closed fist as well as hitting her chest with a closed fist wherein she required medical attention due to difficulty breathing and a contusion to her lip. My Client was arrest for assault – family violence. CASE WAS DISMISSED.

Case Dismissed

A commercial truck driver was cited for Detective Amount of Alcohol on Breath, a punishment range up to one year suspension of his driver's license, and with his livelihood at risk. CASE WAS DISMISSED.

Family Violence - Case Dismissed

My Client's spouse entered a police statement alleging she was assaulted by her husband and photographs of redness to the face and foot injuries were taken. My Client was arrested for misdemeanor assault – family violence. CASE WAS DISMISSED.

Sale of Alcohol to Minor - Charge Reduced & Dismissed

Client arrested for misdemeanor Sale of Alcohol to a Minor. Charge was reduced to a class C deferred Disorderly Conduct which was DISMISSED and is eligible for expunction.

DWI Dismissed

Client involved in auto collision and arrested for misdemeanor DWI. DWI WAS DISMISSED and case was refiled as Reckless Driving.

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